This New Year  – let’s choose to be HAPPY

Happiness is an emotional state in which you feel; joy, satisfaction, contentment & fulfillment. The happiness modal of PERMA was developed by positive psychologist Martin Seligman.

In this New Year, let’s talk about being happy & spreading it around. A smile is so contagious. Laughter is still the best medicine.

The PERMA model is as follows;

P – Positive Emotion

E – Engagement

R – Relationships

M – Meaning

A – Accomplishment


Positive emotions are multiple, the main ones being joy, satisfaction, contentment (Joy + satisfaction) & fulfilment (a sense of doing something useful for society)

Engagement means to be involved in a task of your passion, how time flies you don’t know. That time in which you could have worried & the time would not pass, now it has flown & you took a flight of joy. Maybe you were euphoric to ecstatic, The Aha moment!

Relationships are one of the most important issues in our lives as we are social animals. But in modern society, we have forgotten their value. The value of support system of family & friends. If you can count friends on 5 fingers a hand, whom you have access to, any time of the day or night, any place in the world, consider yourself blessed.

Do you know what is life’s Meaning for you? What is the purpose of your life? What things will give you satisfaction? Don’t scroll your mobile aimlessly. List down the things. Work on them.

Also, the monkey mind tends to focus on the negative. There is an existential reason for it. Survival from threatful situations. But when you start listing down all the things you have accomplished in life, you will realize, how better you are than so many. You will be overwhelmed by a sense of Gratitude. That’s why it’s said Gratitude is the best attitude.

So, remove the black spectacles from your eye. Everything is in the mind. Try to gradually inculcate a positive mindset this New Year. Just this one resolution. You will be surprised; how all other resolutions will fall into place.

“This world that we are living in, is mighty hard to beat;

You get a thorn with every rose, but aren’t the roses sweet!”

Dr Harvandan kaur Bedi

MD Psychiatry