The destiny of flowers Changes in minutes & hours

It feels its cherished & loved

Right from the stage of the bud

So beautiful, lovely, awesome

Pretty pink, purple hue

The poor bud has no cue

There are so many predators around

To put them to the ground

Crush them with their feet

In more horrific ways than she can think

Remember you pure gentle thing

People may surround you for more reasons than you think!

You think it’s because of you

But in actuality, its because what they can get from you!!!

The lovely smile, if only you know the thought behind!

The twinkling eyes, if only you could see what they visualize

The fun games, fulfilling their desires in its name

Hush my child, be wary, even in the house

So many cats & a single mouse

By the time you grow

You learn & know

At least once you have been messed

The scars, scratches, blood & wounds

Stay in your life in state of doom

Gradually you realize, it’s a phenomenon worldwide

You go into despair

Can you hide anywhere?

Were you made only with this aim

No – You are Gods another name.

It’s the gender bias,

Of the patriarchal masses

Victory in war Is women in trashes

The same tract that gave birth

Is abused by the killing thrust

When you were born naked, she draped you

You feel you are obliged to see someone of her tribe naked

Show her naked, pared her naked

When you were born, so much blood she lost

Now you want to see the blood on her body & flaunt

The breast fed you, to make you thrive

You bite the breast & pain the nipples with all your might

She scolded you to make your life

You hit her badly – those are your vibes

Dear flowers you are not meant to be crushed

Get up together & realize

You have thorns too

Use them as your right

Be together & just fight

The “good men of the universe”

Listen & read the flowers plight

Help the flowers in their fight

So, lets unite…. Yes, let’s unite

A flower is supposed to bloom its not to be crushed!

Crush the crushers

Let’s see fear in their eyes!!!

Dr HK Bedi

MD Psychiatry, Flat No D-701 Falcon view, Sector 66 A Mohali, Punjab. 140306. M-8768188993, 9988556434.